Global Brand

To create a restaurant company brand that is recognizable in the world.

Innovate Restaurant Industry

To continue the development of the restaurant industry in order to make it better by breaking stereotypes that slow it’s growth.

Think Global, Act Local.


Our Corporate Brand

In Japanese, Aburi means flame-seared.
When flame is applied to food it changes it’s essence,
improving it while creating something new.


Likewise, ABURI Restaurant Group is creating a unique
restaurant culture by combining Japanese and local food,
and positively influencing the restaurant industry.


This is the Aburi Corporate Vision.


Our Core Product Brand

Having originated in Japan, Sushi has become one of the most well-known cuisines in the world. Today, it is being introduced in numerous amount of styles as it combines with different food cultures. Having set a goal to innovate traditional sushi, we have invested our efforts into creating sushi for the next generation. This is Aburi Sushi.


Aburi Sushi has become its own cuisine, which appeals to an even wider market than traditional sushi worldwide. It has crossed cultural and regional barriers where other sushi has not succeeded. We aim to provide an exceptional Aburi Sushi experience at all our locations while incorporating local food culture.


Our Personnel Brand

Finding joy by bringing joy to others

Value in work is created through helping others. It is this personal connection that creates an appreciation of your work through Ningenmi, as joy reciprocates joy. Our mission is to create our own happiness by making others happy.

Respect & Trust

  • Always show respect for your team members
  • Show support and have confidence in your team, regardless of their position
  • Be respected and trusted by guests